Buying Ahead for Baby Can Be Troublesome

buying baby's clothes

A lot of new moms have learned the hard way that buying clothes for their baby before he or she arrives can cause some problems. Maybe they end up with a boy when they thought they were having a girl and they have all girl clothes picked out already. Maybe they bought clothes in the newborn size, but their baby turns out to be a preemie or very large and won’t fit into the clothes.

In any of these instances, their clothes buying ahead of time can end up being future. They may be left with a lot of clothes that just don’t fit, and they need to be returned, sold or given away. How many mothers has this happened to, where all their baby clothes buying efforts have been put to waste and they have to start over from scratch once the baby is born? Of course, some of those clothes can be salvaged, particularly if they are too big, and used later when the baby is older and larger. However, most of them, if they are bought for a different size or gender of baby than what comes out, may feel like an absolute waste of money.

This is why many mothers rely on ultrasounds to give them a clear picture of not only what gender the baby is but what size he or she will be as well. While ultrasounds are not as clear as some might like, they are illuminating enough to be sued to tell how big the baby will be and predict, with some accuracy, the gender of the baby.
Many mothers are also trending way from the huge list of baby clothes for their gift registries, especially if they don’t want to know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. They may ask for a few clothes that catch their eye from some place like newborn clothes, but for the most part, they are avoiding newborn clothes because it’s hard to tell if they will fit before the baby comes out.

Instead, they are opting to ask for more practical gifts, like diapers, bottles and other necessities that the baby will have to have no matter how big he or she is or whether it is a he or she. These gifts are more practical and they leave room for error, perfect for replacing newborn clothes as the gift of choice for discerning friends and family members.

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