Is a Pet a Good Idea for Your Family

a family with their dog buddy

Did you know that over 40% of families in the United States own either a dog or a cat for a pet? The percentage is, of course lower, for individuals. Many of those live in apartments or with parents and are not in control of the rules about having a pet.

But suffice it to say, owning an animal is a big thing in America. We love our pets, we lavish on them with quality veterinary care, an incredible array of high and dog foods and treats, not to mention countless toys and knickknacks to help them pass their days.

Should You Buy A Pet for Your Family?

Inevitably, as your children move into their toddler years, you’re about to hear cries for a family pet. There are a lot of considerations about what you should get. Chief among those is whether it should be a dog or cat, or maybe even both. I like to tell my friends that the most important consideration when looking at dogs is what type of yard you have for walking them when it’s time to do their business.

Unless you’re going to use puppy pads, and those actually get pretty gross (!), You’ll want to make sure you have a safe, well lit place that you can go to walk your dog. Not only that, but you should plan on at least four or five trips outside per day. This can be really difficult for people with a job, especially those who are in professional capacities or have children who are involved in a ton of extracurricular activities like sports outside of school hours.

Your dog simply can’t hold his or her water for 12 and 14 hour stretches without the risk of infection, and so it’s a good idea to make sure you will be able to be available for them. Most first time pet owners are not aware of how time-consuming that commitment can be!

If you’re looking for cute puppies for sale in CT, find a quality breeder. You’ll probably be confronted with their own questions about a lot of the above considerations. A reputable breeder wants to sell their animals to prepared and dedicated owners. They will probably do their homework about what that animal will face when they move in.

This includes things like, do you have a yard big enough for the animal to get some outside time? Do you have a fence so that they are less likely to dodge in front of a vehicle at the worst possible time. They are also going to want to know if you’ve picked out a veterinarian and are planning to spay or neuter your animal.

All these questions are designed to make your pet adoption the most effective one possible. These are not intended to deprive any family of the joy of owning an animal, but instead to make sure that the family and the pet are happy for the long haul.

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