Solar Cover Reel Electric

More and more swimming pool owners are discovering the amazing benefits of pool solar covers. These blankets for your pool are excellent at heat transference, soaking up the sun’s heat and transferring it to the water in your pool. Best of all, a pool solar cover costs nothing at all to heat. As a green alternative to electric pool heaters, swimming pool covers are second to none. Add that with the convenience of a handy reel and you’re presented with a dead-simple way to maintain your pool and maximize pool usage at minimal costs at:

With different designs in the air bubble patterns and different thicknesses, deciding on the right pool cover can be tricky. Just know that thicker solar covers, ranging anywhere from 8mm to 16mm, generally trap and retain heat better than thinner ones. However, there is an added cost to the material and construction and as a result, the retail price. The patterns, ranging from diamond cut to squares to bubbles generally do not have as large an effect.

While solar covers for pools provide a great way to passively heat your pool, which is wonderful for a quick swim after a long day at work long after the sun has set, they can be a hassle to cover and uncover. The best solution for this problem are swimming pool reels, which can easily retract or expand and only require one person to operate. Imaging having to cover a large pool with just yourself!

Depending on your swimming pool configuration, you need to choose the proper pool cover reel to match. A traditional inground pool must be matched to a cover reel that sits low to the ground. Such reels are widely available and usually sit on wheels or coasters so you can easily move them around. If you have an above-ground pool, you will need a swimming pool reel system that attaches to the edges of your pool. These will not have wheels on them, instead they will come with a latching system so you can secure them on the pool rails.

Another variation in solar reels that makes them quite handy are electric powered ones. Much like power windows or locks in your car provide an added convenience to a handle you must manually turn, swimming pool reels also come in these two varieties. Certainly an electric reel system is usually costlier and requires more work to set up due to electrical safety requirements, they provide the most painless solution to solar blanket folding and unfolding. A manual reel is great for smaller pools since it won’t take much time at all to unreel and you will be doing your part to reduce your energy consumption and Carbon footprint.

Solar pool covers are great for all pools where you want to extend your usage hours into the colder portions of the day. Solar reel systems allow you to deploy them easily so you can spend more time in the pool relaxing and less time fumbling with a solar pool blanket. With power and manual options available, there is certain to be a handy pool reel fit for your backyard swimming area.

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